Mighty World Box is a subscription box for 7-12 year olds that delivers the world’s cultures to the next generation.

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We trust you will find these images and information helpful in becoming acquainted with Mighty World and our mission to teach the next generation about the cultures of the world through food, fashion and fun!


Family travel is a luxury at the best of times.

Add a global pandemic, and exploring the world with your kids can seem nearly impossible. Mighty World Box is a subscription box for 7-12 year olds that delivers the beauty and uniqueness of the world’s cultures to the comfort of your home. Each box features a different country and ships bi-monthly. Included with each delivery is a 100% cotton original Mighty World t-shirt, fun and tasty snacks and unique souvenirs that embody the spirit of each country. Each box also includes a copy of the Mighty World Citizen, our beautifully designed newspaper that teaches our subscribers about each country in a fun and exciting way! 

Mighty World teaches geography and expands awareness through art and culture.

We choose items designed not only to be functional but fun and engaging. Intriguing facts and exciting information are delivered in a stylish way to engage with kids. Mighty World allows you to enjoy, learn from, wear, eat, absorb, and create a new cultural experience 6 times a year! Our mission is to encourage a global consciousness in our future generation through food, fashion and fun!


Meet the Team

Mighty World Box is a true family business. We are the Finke family from Austin, Texas.

Mighty World Box | The Finke's
Vina Finke

Growing up Vina’s parents ran a tour company. The youngest of four kids, Vina grew up traveling the world with her family. As a young girl she lived in India and Bali for some time and helped organize and run tours when she was older. Knowing first hand how travel can affect you, Vina developed Mighty World to share the beauty and excitement that the diverse cultures of the world can offer.

Brian Finke
Art Direction

Is the man that makes Mighty World look good! Having run his own design firm for 12 years, Brian believes that clean bold design is for all ages. Just because our subscribers are kids it doesn’t mean their taste has to be juvenile. Brian applies intriguing fonts and bright colors to engage and excite our readers.

Asher Finke
Judge of coolness, co-taste tester extraordinaire, shirt critic

Asher is 12 years old and in the 6th grade. He loves rock climbing and is learning the bassoon. Being at the top of our age range, Asher helps make sure our items would actually be embraced by “kids these days” and has a major role in approving what snacks make the cut.

Lilou Finke
Location suggester, co-taste tester extraordinaire, general ray of sunshine

Lilou is 10 years old, loves playing the violin and is a master hover boarder. She loves all animals and definitely prefers our shirts that feature them. Fun fact, after many hours spent watching videos of random hands opening random toys, Lilou is now our resident hand model. Her hands are featured in all our unboxing videos.

Moral and emotional support, stress relief and living vacuum

Ramen is our 9 year old rescue dog. He’s been doing some heavy lifting as our sole furry friend after Miso the hamster passed away earlier this year. He is a wonderful listener and lap warmer and a quintessential founding member of team Mighty World!

How it all began

When Covid first hit the kids were in 4th and 5th grade. We were “sheltering in place.” Like everyone, we missed our loved ones and our routines. There were moments of loneliness, stress and fear. That forced time together, however, gave us insight into our children’s minds and imaginations in a way that we are forever grateful for. 

We couldn’t travel or go to restaurants. We started hosting “restaurant nights” for each other. One night the kids created a magical Japanese restaurant experience on the porch. We talked about where we would travel when we could and what we might experience on these journeys. From this desire to explore the world Mighty World was born. A way to “travel from home” and safely explore the world. To remember that we are all part of one Mighty World.


Mighty World Box is available in three price ranges with options for a sibling box and a single box as well. Prices are listed below:

We ship 6 boxes per year.
$48.95 / box

$48.95 USD billed every other month

$46.95 / box

$140.85 USD billed every six months

$44.95 / box

$269.70 USD billed once a year

Buying for Siblings?

Our MW SibSub Box offers double the goodies at one great price. 2 Shirts, 2 Snacks, 2 Souveniers, endless fun!

$75 / Box

$75 USD billed every other month

$220 / Box

$220 USD billed every six months

$399 / Box

$399 USD billed once a year

Single Boxes are also available for $50

If you are a member of the press and can’t find something you need – or want to talk to someone from Mighty World Box – please contact us at